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Optional power tools precautions: first electric tool is a powered by an electric motor or solenoid drive transmission mechanism work carried out by the head job or a hand-held portable mechanized tools. Power tools are portable, easy to operate, versatile features, can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve working efficiency, achieve manual mechanization, which is widely used in construction, housing decoration, automobiles, machinery, electricity, bridges, and other areas of horticulture and poured into the family.
Power tools are characterized by compact structure, small size, light weight, small vibration, low noise, flexible operation, easy to control and operate, easy to carry, sturdy and durable. Compared with manual tools to improve labor productivity several times to several times; higher than the pneumatic efficiency, low cost and easy to control.
Optional items:
1, according to the need to distinguish between household use or professional use, the majority of the power tool is designed for professionals in the purchase should distinguish professional and general household tools. Tools difference is usually professional and general household use in power, larger power tools for professional use, in order to facilitate professionals to reduce the workload, general household tools due to smaller projects, the workload is relatively small, so the instrument input Power does not need a lot.
2, the tool packaging should be a clear pattern, no damage, sturdy plastic box, open the plastic box hasp should be solid and durable.
3, the appearance of the tool should be uniform color, plastic surface without significant shadow silk and dents, scratches or bump should not have traces of casing parts assembly misalignment between ≤ 0.5mm, aluminum casting defect-free coating is smooth and beautiful, the whole The surface should be free of grease and dirt. When the hand grip, the handle should be smooth switch. Cable length should generally be not less than 2 meters.
4, the tool nameplate parameters should be consistent with the CCC certificate. There should be instructions on the manufacturer and the manufacturer's full address and contact details. Products should be traceable lot number on the nameplate or certificate.
5, the hand holding the tool, power, frequently operated switch, start the tool frequently observed tool switch-off function is reliable. While observing the scene of the TV, fluorescent whether anomalies. In order to confirm whether the tool is equipped with effective radio interference suppressors.
6, the tool runs one minute electricity, running a hand grip, hands should be no obvious feel any abnormal vibration, observed commutation sparks, which change should not exceed 3/2 level to spark, usually from the air inlet tools Look at the inside, the commutator surface should be no obvious arc. Operation, should no unusual noise.
Make use of electric-powered drilling equipment. Power tools in the conventional products, but also the greatest demand for power tools products. The annual number of sales accounted for 35 percent of China's power tool. According to reports, the next ten to fifteen years, sales of power tools in the world will grow at a rate of 5% per annum. Power Tools is a kind of "consumables" in Europe and America, not only as a tool of power tools, and was used as a gift, the gift becomes a gift to each other, and thus have a greater market potential.


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