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Qualified certification that proves a product or service to meet specific standards or technical conditions of activity with certificate or mark.
        2013 "certification" has been widespread attention at home and abroad. In product design, manufacture, testing, sale, use and so the whole process, companies increasingly feel the need third-party help to ensure that the manufactured products meet recognized quality standards, so that products can ensure access to domestic and international markets, improve product credibility.
        Internationally, many countries have established a certification system, set up a certification mark.
        China has established in 1985 the "China Electrotechnical Certification Committee", in October 1985 approved the establishment of "China Certification Committee for Electrotechnical Power Tools certification test station", issued a "power tool certification association."
        Where it is certified power tools range of products, from the China Certification Committee for Electrotechnical unified certificate issued certificate and logo.
        3C certification and Wall signs
        In order to improve product quality power tools, safeguarding the economic interests of users, to protect personal safety, enhance the power tool products in the international market competitiveness, the former Ministry of Machinery Industry, the Ministry of Commerce, State Administration of Commodity substances Bureau jointly issued in May 1986 informed decisions on power tools compulsory safety certification. From July 1, 1988, to drill, impact drill, hammer, hammer, electric angle grinder, electric hand-held straight grinders, die grinders, electric sander, electric circular saw, electric scissors, power punching, electric tapping machine, planer, electric saws and knives, electric jig saw, electric screwdrivers and other 16 kinds of products to implement the first mandatory certification.
        Who holds a certificate of business, there are signs on the product qualified power tools are allowed to produce and sell.
        Power Tools product certification is valid for five years.

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