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Drill is the use of electric-powered drilling equipment. Power tools in the conventional products, but also the greatest demand for power tools products. The annual number of sales accounted for 35 percent of China's power tool. The main specifications are 4,6,8,10,13,16,19,23,32,38,49 mm drill, etc., figure refers to the maximum diameter of the drill on the tensile strength of 390N/mm2 steel drilling. Non-ferrous metals, plastics and other materials than the original specifications Max.Drilling large 30 to 50%.

Hand drills due to ventilation, dust inside very much long-term use, the dust will gear and bearing lubricants (sleeve) on the dry mix deterioration increased wear, especially the use of alternative worse. To protect the drill rotational accuracy, reduce because the bearing (sleeve) wear and tear resulting gap is too large, it is very clean inside and processing needs greased, because the hand drill their own.


Loosen the outer drill a few self-tapping screws or screws. Flat on the half shell opened, see inside stuff. The general structure of the new hand drill is a semi-recessed, that all the mechanical, electrical components are devices in the other half of the shell. Carefully remove the carbon brush first, then scored drill chuck this side, then gently lift the motor rotor to remove (do not bruise enameled), wipe clean the commutator (in contact with the carbon brush that is) on the rotor, if dirty or badly worn polished first with emery cloth or sandpaper with water metallographic sandpaper to shine

Front rotors, after bearing the seal can be if it is to wipe clean the outside, if the seal is broken should promptly replaced. The helical axis of the rotor before the wipe clean, clear to wipe clean the oil inside the housing, the drill chuck rod helical gears and bearings at both ends (or sleeve) wiped clean to remove the clear stuff back in, first load of the rotor; then drill chuck mounted helical gear lever; mounted brush, brushes if less than 7-8 mm to timely new ones. To flatten brushes installed, and finally find a little "Mobil" or "shell" grease applied between the gear pair and bearing (or sleeve), all the parts to be installed to cover flatten check and correct the other half , tighten the screws, turned by hand without feeling catching power test before they can turn.

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